Sunday Morning

Today we woke up to a beautiful mild Autumn day, so J—– and I decided to make good use of the weather and go for a bike ride. Our trip took us out along the T’railway towards Bowring Park where I almost died of happiness seeing all the dogs at the park!!!🐶  The mild weather was a gentle reprieve from the wind, rain and steadily dropping temperatures that have been bringing us into winter over the last week or so.

Once through Bowring Park, we continued on to Lester’s Farm Market. This was our first visit to the Market and we had a great time. You first come into the store, a building in which features a beautiful wood interior scattered with lots of great odds and ends for decoration. The room is filled with produce and condiments from their own farm, other Newfoundland producers as well as a small selection of imported goods. We hadn’t intended to buy anything but we were taken by all the fresh vege and, of course, we biked away at the end of our trip with a small bag of our own. My favourite space in the store was recipe corner. There were a number of recipes for the taking, which incorporated a variety of their current produce, including:

  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Rosemary Beet chips
  • Lemon and garlic Broccoli
  • Carrot Casserole


When you go out the back of the store you walk straight into their petting zoo with donkeys, llamas, hens, sheep, goats, ostriches 🐔! My gosh the goats were cute. Given the time of the year, they were getting rid of the last of their Halloween Pumpkins and there were lots of great Halloween decorations scattered about the property. We did take a look at the corn maze but we were definitely far too late for it. The limp, dying corn was actually a little bit depressing. Then again it provided a slight horror film-esque vibe to the farm, which worked for the whole Halloween thing.

So one thing me and J—- would have fully appreciated when we were there was coffee. But we stopped at Rocket on our way back home and had some noms for morning tea. I friggin love Rocket! Their baking is always so good – today we shared a cream puff and a little spooky treat…


To finish our morning we had to try some of what we had bought from Lester’s Farm Market! So we had some of their Mustard Pickles on a couple of slices of bread. It was amazing, filled with lots of great veggies (cucumber, colliflower, onion etc). I have to say though, I think I would have appreciated slightly smaller chunks of veggies – I felt like I was stuffing my mouth with cucumber at moments (charming as ever) – but hey, that’s just my preference and it still tasted fantastic. All in all, for a morning we hadn’t planned, it was pretty wicked, and left us with happy vibes for the rest of our Sunday.



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