Stewed Apples

I’ll start with the basics. Stewed Apples. Possibly one of the easiest things to make beyond toast.

Literally, the recipe is as follows:

Ingredients: Apples, Water


  1. Cut apples into chunks
  2. Put apples in pot
  3. Add a tad bit of water
  4. Add heat
  5. Cook until apples look like stewed apples

This can take as little time as 10 minutes.

You can add sugar to this mix, maybe a bit of cinnamon to spice things up. And oh my, what you can do with them once they’re done… Stewed apples go great on porridge. You can easily turn them into an apple crumble too. It may sound a little odd but I remember growing up having sausages split in half with stewed apple and cheese on top. These were then grilled in the oven and damn did they taste good. Pork and apples always go together.

So with these great ideas in mind, I didn’t anticipate that one of my disasters would happen on this beautiful fall day.


I chopped the apples, added a little water and put them on a medium heat. Next, I popped downstairs and to ask J—- if he wanted to have lunch with me soon.

“Yep, I’ll just finish a bit more work and be up”

“Brilliant, how’s the work going….”

That was the turning point, the moment all thoughts of stewed apple, apple on porridge and apple crumble left my head. I was too engrossed in J—-‘s spreadsheets, pivot tables and Fisher Tests (I’m not that into excel, I’m just a good girlfriend). Twenty minutes later I decided it was time to get lunch. On approaching the stairs an odd smell hit me.


I dashed upstairs, opened the kitchen door to a flood of smoke. Turning the element off, I pulled the pan off the stove. As I lifted the pan up, part of the base was still sitting on the stove – I didn’t even realise that could happen. Well, bugger. No more apples.



To be fair I did taste the apples, and apart from the bottom and the sides, the rest of the batch didn’t look too bad. But looks can be deceiving. A strong burnt taste had delightfully permeated through the apples and possibly a bit of metal from the pan itself.


Once we figured out how to turn off the fire alarms (which worryingly didn’t come on until after I had made it back upstairs) we opened the doors and windows. However, there still remains an odd smell. It smells like an old hut, like the residue left on the old billies and fireplaces.

So the results of today’s cooking adventures were, unfortunately, average. Well, let’s be real here. It was a failure. In NCEA, a Not Achieved.

I’m cooking curry for tea. We’ll see how that goes.



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